“In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.” - Myla & Jon Kabat-Zinn

The story of me being a photographer

I live my life in search of beauty, expressions of love, moments of truth - for it is in moments such as these, that I find Life - that I meet God. 

Though I consider myself exceptionally blessed to be able to express my emotions, my thoughts, my passions, in more ways than one - some of these include e.g. painting, running, playing the piano, gardening, and baking - photography is definitely not only one of my greatest passions, but also one of my areas of expertise, within the context of which I feel I am best able to express my love of life and all the beauty it entails. 

Benguas means “God in me”. My love of photography, especially photographing babies and toddlers, has ultimately led me to develop a great love and respect for both Newborn Photography and Birth Photography. 

There are few moments in life as magnificent, as incredible, as utterly- and painfully beautiful, as that moment when a newborn draws Life’s First Breath. There are also few moments as fleeting, however. 

As an SABPA registered and accredited Birth Photographer, I have a deep understanding of the urgency of life, as well as the necessity, the responsibility, and the privilege that accompany the act, the process, of photographing the birth of a child - the act of capturing in aeternum, a vivid- and visceral memory, lived, embraced, and shared in those unique and priceless moments.

Fortunately, these moments do not end at birth, but carry on throughout a child's life. This is where my love and my passion for Newborn Photography comes into play. 

In essence, I believe in maintaining a healthy balance between fantasy and reality. Where Birth Photography is extremely real and true, Newborn Photography allows me the opportunity to be able to embellish a little. With babies and toddlers one has the creative freedom to dress them up and capture a moment in time that tends more towards the creative than the real, more towards fantasy than reality

What I offer, therefore, is above all else, a REAL and TRUE representation of what is likely to be the most significant moments of your lives - and most importantly, of the life you have created. 

“The first glance from the eyes of the beloved is like the spirit that moved upon the face of the waters, giving birth to heaven and earth.”



“Dankie, Esmarie, vir die beautiful foto’s van ons dogtertjie! Jy het haar so sagkens hanteer - jy het regtig ‘n hand vir babas (en fotografie). Ek sien uit na die res van die foto’s en sal beslis jou dienste aanbeveel!”

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